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Powered by Templum, Fintor is bringing fractional and tradable real estate investments to untapped markets.

"We are excited to power these new waves of companies that are removing the barriers to investor market participation."

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Upcoming Events

On November 9-11th, Templum is a sponsor at the upcoming Equity Crowdfunding 2022 conference in Los Angeles, California. This three-day event aims to increase investment opportunities for issuers and startups who are interested in launching equity crowdfunding campaigns and learning more about Regulation Crowdfunding.

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Templum's Latest Insights

The alternative asset class needs new infrastructure.

A recent article in TechCrunch authored by David Jegen and Abdul Abdirahman asked this question and we could not agree more that the alternative asset class needs new infrastructure but, spoiler alert...

Templum has recognized the growing problem of "the lack of digital infrastructure" for alternative assets. We knew the traditional alternative assets ecosystem was fragmented and ill-equipped to handle mass investor adoption and scale.

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Putting Risk and Compliance at the Core

Amid desultory returns elsewhere, retail and institutional investors are increasingly searching for new sources of diversification. Alternative assets, specifically digital securities sold pursuant to Regulation A+, Regulation CF, and Rule 506(b) are now an asset class available to non-accredited investors to meet demand for diversification.

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Featured in the Media

Originally featured in the TABB Forum

Are Digital Assets Revolutionizing Traditional Investing?

A decade ago, plans to build wealth were rooted in traditional investment approaches such as long-term real estate acquisitions, exposure to the S&P 500, private equity, bonds, or even hedge funds.

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From Benzinga

What Is Asset Fractionalization and Is It Synonymous With Tokenization?

The concept of asset fractionalization has become increasingly popular as issuers and market participants seek to provide investors with new ways to access traditional asset classes. An exciting component of that growth has been a significant increase in fractional ownership platforms – with issuers bringing unique and sought-after opportunities to their investor base.

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