The New Alternative
Institutional-grade technology platform for capital raising and
secondary trading
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Templum Service Offerings

Capital Raising

Seamless digital workflows from investor onboarding to investment closing

Investment management tools

Streamlined document management

Secondary Trading

Intuitive trading market

Alternative Trading System (ATS) for automated match and execution of trades

State-of-the-art matching engine

API Integration

API integration and white-label deployment options

Developer SDKs and a full technology suite for effortless integration across the enterprise


Exclusive data for the alternative asset class

Real-time market data, inclusive of level 1, level 2, and trades

Historical market data, trading insights and analytics
Over $3 trillion raised in the private markets in 2018
$12 trillion managed by wealth advisors
Nearly 50% of wealth advisors allocate to alternative investments
Templum's objective is to accelerate unprecedented growth in the private markets
"As investors and asset managers shift away from weakened public markets, private markets are seeing immense growth, which in turn is changing the very definition of 'performance'."


Despite growth that has surpassed public markets, private markets remain inefficient due to lack of infrastructure, fragmentation, and manually intensive processes, resulting in human error, redundant work, unnecessarily long timelines, and an inability to manage portfolio risk


Templum's end-to-end technology infrastructure enables a robust solution, significantly improving private market investing through a single platform that provides automation, transparency, connectivity, and secure record-keeping