Podcast: Modernizing Private Investment Infrastructure, with Templum CEO Christopher Pallotta

Christopher Pallotta

The Fintech Blueprint's Lex Sokolin chats with Christopher Pallotta - founder and CEO of Templum, a company focused on alternative investments and private markets. Pallotta discusses his background in technology and investing, as well as the journey of Templum and its transformation into becoming the operating system for private markets and alternative assets. He explains how Templum's technology, broker-dealer and alternative trading system (ATS) capabilities enable the trading of regulated private securities in a compliant manner. Pallotta also discusses the growing demand for alternative assets and the role of liquidity in driving adoption. He highlights the potential for alternative assets to outperform traditional markets and the need for liquidity mechanisms in the alternative asset space. Finally, Pallotta shares his vision for the future, where alternative assets become more accessible and investing in them becomes as ubiquitous as investing in public equities.

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