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TradingTech Insight Winner Report

TradingTech Insight Winners Report

Congratulations to the winners of A-Team Group’s 4th annual TradingTech Insight Awards – USA 2022.

These annual awards recognize excellence in trading solutions and services for capital markets, and focus on vendors providing exceptional and innovative trading infrastructure, technology, and data solutions dedicated to the challenges faced by firms operating in the US trading environment.

This year’s awards included 35 solutions and services categories ranging from Best Managed Services Solution for Trading to Best Machine-Readable News Supplier, Best Cloud-Based Market Data Delivery Solution, Best Time Stamping/Latency Measurement System, Best High Performance Network Services, Best Trading Analytics Platform, and more.

The award contenders are selected by an expert advisory board and industry practitioners that provided guidance on the awards, and then chosen by the TradingTech Insight community who vote for their preferred trading technology solutions and services providers.

Download the Winners Report to check out all of the deserving winners.