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Templum & Guardd Announce Partnership

GUARDD, Inc. is a SaaS platform service that collects, verifies, and disseminates private company information, including financial data, facilitating transparency for investors and Blue Sky compliance for issuers. With a Blue Sky GUARDD report a company's financial information is published in a National Securities Manual and their securities can trade on an ATS.

Templum is excited to partner with Guardd to help clients navigate state Blue Sky laws, paving the way for new marketplaces to emerge and scale while enabling broader investor access. "GUARDD is an important service that drives transparency for both us and our issuers," says Christopher Pallotta, CEO of Templum Inc. "It allows us to focus on our technology, investor experiences, and new market infrastructure, while ensuring that our clients are compliant with state Blue Sky laws."

For more information see the press release on MarketWatch.