Issuance and Trading Technology – The Cloud Difference

Brian Nazdan
September 26, 2023
7 min read

Easy Deployment, Standardized Workflows, Rapid Scaling

As the world of alternative assets and secondary trading continues to evolve, so does the technology that enables it. Here at Templum, we have designed a patent pending, cloud agnostic, SaaS application that streamlines the deployment process and scaling of our application for alternative asset participants.  

In an “old software paradigm” clients expect deployments to take weeks or even months, but that’s not the case with Templum. Because Templum’s cloud-native application is always up to date with new releases and updates being rolled out every week, it’s possible to have a live environment built and running in under four hours. This means everything can be deployed and ready to go with investors logging into a marketplace in under a week.  

Through Templum’s continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD), updates are applied frequently and reliably. Templum has tailored the application to accelerate updates without any downtime to users or market operations.  

Templum’s technology removes the worry around scale and application availability. As Issuers grow in terms of Investors, Assets, and Transactions, Templum's technology scales across all these dimensions.  As a consequence, clients can grow their marketplaces at a rapid pace without worrying if the application can keep up with their needs.    

With Templum’s best-in-class, patent-pending, cloud-based applications clients can be assured of an easy deployment and updates due to standardized workflows and rapid scaling. Since issuers don’t need to worry about the technology, they can focus on running their marketplaces, knowing they have an award-winning application to support their alternative assets, including investor onboarding, funding and secondary trading.

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